I am currently turtle-sitting an adorable little reptile named Toscana. She belongs to my friends Michael and Eddie, and when they go on vacation, Toscana vacations at Aunt Suzanne’s house!

To you other photography nerds out there – I took these photos with a Micro-Nikkor 55mm lens that was made for film cameras (what? film?). Thanks to my dad for hanging on to his toys from the days of film!  Oh boy do I appreciate auto-focus and vibration reduction more than ever! Combine those missing features with a teeny animal (Toscana is about 3 inches long) that doesn’t stay still, and you have one frustrated photographer just dying to get a few good shots. I did get some though, isn’t she a cutie patootie??  She kind of looks like she is smiling in the second photo, which is kind of cool, but also kind of freaks me out.

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