Tips for showing your best YOU on a social networking site!

5 Tips for showing your best YOU on a social networking site!

Nowadays who ISN’T on a social networking web site? Whether it’s Facebook to catch up with old friends, LinkedIn to make business contacts, or Match to search for that special someone…why not show your best YOU in your photos? You don’t need a fancy camera to get some nice portraits of yourself, so solicit a friend to be your photographer, grab your point-and-shoot digital camera and follow these 5 simple tips for getting a great portrait of yourself (and for that matter, your kids and pets too)!
  1. Taking a photo that is “technically sound” is simple! No need to get into photography mumbo-jumbo, typically the most flattering portraits are taken using indirect light (think window light, or outdoors but in the shade), and with subject of the photo (you) looking slightly upwards toward the photographer. A photo of yourself in direct sunlight will produce some not-so-nice shadows, and really, how comfortable is it to stare directly into the sun?
  2. Choose a photo that shows off your personality. Get your photographer to take some candid photos of you, have a conversation with them, play with your dog, do whatever is going to make you relax and look like your natural, sunny self. And if you are not so sunny, that’s fine too. I don’t judge.
  3. Stay away from distracting backgrounds. This is a photo of YOU. If there are people walking behind you, cars zooming by, or your messy bookcase in the background, it will only distract from what we really want to see – you!  A photography teacher once told me that a background should be “a little bit of something but almost nothing”, it’s something I consider all the time!
  4. Turn off your camera flash! It washes you out, highlights shiny spots on your face, and can give you a deer-in-headlights look. Don’t use it unless you desperately need to.
  5. Get up close and personal. Tell your photographer not to be afraid to get close…the entire photo should be you from around the waist up, with a little bit of background.
Following these simple steps can mean the difference between this…

…and this!

The weather has been fabulous so get out there and take some pictures! Happy shooting!

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