Something’s fishy…

I was having a conversation with my blog recently, it went something like this:

Blog to me: I miss you
Me to blog: Me too. I miss you too.
Blog: What is it? Is it Facebook, Twitter…did you get a boyfriend?
Me: No…I’m just being dumb.

Ok but seriously, the lack of blogging has to stop. My only excuse is that I have been wanting to change up my content a little bit to make it more creative and to share photos and other things that are not just about the work I get paid for…that’s how my blog started…so I am getting back to my roots. I’ll still blog about weddings and babies and all that fun stuff (actually have some really great ones to share from this winter!), but that won’t be ALL I blog about.

Since one of my blog posts wouldn’t be complete without a few photos, let me introduce one of the newest members of my family – the fisheye lens. I think the name is pretty self-explanatory…this 16mm ultra-wide lens gives a 180 degree view and squeezes it into the photo frame, so there is some distortion, but that’s what makes it cool. Also, if this is how a fish really sees…well, I don’t ever want to be a fish…it’s a bit nauseating. Here are a few shots taken with it, I think it will become very obvious why this lens is not made for portraits, but it’s fun nonetheless!

Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger, Stephen Bugno for allowing me to show a sample of portrait lens (that’s the normal looking photo, taken with a 105mm lens) vs. the distorted fisheye. I swear to you that is the same guy.  If you have the travel bug (no pun intended, get it, bug…Bugno…I crack myself up), check out Stephen’s online travel magazines – and

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