Sara & Ralph’s Engagement Session – Citizens Bank Park

I’m not quite sure it gets more fun than this, especially if you are a Phillies fan (like moi – I grew up with the Phillies practically in my back yard). When Sara and Ralph suggested doing their engagement session at Citizens Bank Park, I was ALL OVER IT.  Did you know that if you ask really nicely, the fine folks at CBP will let you have free reign of the park for an entire hour?? Ok, maybe not free reign, we were escorted around by a very nice staff person with gave us all sorts of tidbits about the park. The only thing we couldn’t do was step on the turf…OMG it looked so tempting to just jump in and make a big old grass snow angel. I tried to just dip a toe in it when no one was looking, just to be rebellious. But I am a rule-follower (so boring). After the ballpark, we went across the street to FDR Park for a few more photos.

Enjoy the photos and if you’d like to see more, check out the slideshow!

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