Published in Paris Match magazine!

I am so excited to announce that I have been published in Paris Match magazine!! This is a BIG deal for little old me. While I’ve done my share of weddings and portrait sessions, this was a completely different animal and a really great experience. I was assigned to photograph members of the Vidocq Society at their monthly meeting, and then make a few portraits of them that told a story of their own. The members of the Vidocq Society are all former detectives, forensic scientists, and other law enforcement professionals, who open up cold cases and attempt to solve them…so the images had to have some dramatic lighting and the look of an old detective movie. I was up for the task and LOVED the challenge.  What made this so different from what I am used to is that I had the time to set up the lighting just right (also thanks to the patience of my subjects, as well as the writer of the article, Ghislaine Ribyere, who was happy to also act as a lighting assistant).

It was a pleasure to work with an international magazine, and stretch my editorial muscles…I hope to do more work like this in the future!

You can see the online version of the article here…or to see what actually appeared in the magazine, click here. I hope you speak French. 🙂

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