Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE food.  Sometimes this love for food borders on obsession. I would never claim to be the greatest cook (far from it), but does someone need to be a painter to appreciate art? I say, heck no. Bring on the tasty, exotic, beautiful creations that make my mouth water. And I will gobble them …
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Welcome 2012!

“Do you believe I got Happy New Year’d today? It’s February!” “I once got Happy New Year’d in March.” “It’s disgusting.” “It’s pathetic.” – Elaine and Jerry, in Seinfeld Well I am not quite THAT late, but a week into the new year might be considered a tad tardy on the Happy New Year wishes. To all of my loyal …
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My trip to Alaska!

The number one question people asked me when I said I was going to Alaska was “Why Alaska?” Actually, it was more like “Alaska? WHY?” There were a few key things that played into the decision to visit Alaska: 1 – Go somewhere I’ve never been. 2 – Go somewhere remote and beautiful where we might have epiphanies about the …
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Happy Holidays!

I’ve been a little MIA from the blog-o-sphere lately – but for good reason. I am getting construction done on my office space (remember #7 from my 10 in 2010?) and so my computer has been under a tarp and it hasn’t been too easy to work.  I will admit though, it’s been a welcome break. I wrapped up all …
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Happy Spring!

My friend Michael sent this to me last year and by the time I got around to posting it spring was already over…so here it is, some spring photography humor for you.  Who can resist bunnies?  Happy spring everyone!


I guess I hadn’t quite had enough of the snow on the east coast…because a couple of weeks ago I went to Colorado to see more! I figured since cold and precipitation were following me around the country, I’d try my luck at Colorado where I actually WANTED snow.  My friend Michael and I planned a last minute long weekend …
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10 in 2010

Well folks, it’s 2010. Welcome to the future. How WEIRD does 2010 sound? At the stroke of midnight I was hoping to all of a sudden have the ability to travel through time, or be able to beam myself to South America (a very attractive thought given it’s summer down there right now)…but alas, nothing has changed, except that I will …
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