Natalie & Steve – Engagement Session

When most people think of Orlando, they think of theme parks, tourists, t-shirt shops, and let’s not forget the lovely scorching heat and humidity…but there is a hidden Orlando, free of all that (you can only escape the extreme heat in January though!). And while I love The Mouse, it’s always nice to see the other side of Orlando that’s a little artsy-fartsy, non-touristy, and almost California-like in its architecture and ambiance.

I met up with Natalie & Steve in Winter Park, FL for their engagement session last weekend. I totally loved this area! Great little restaurants and shops – and the folks at The Wine Room were kind enough to let us do part of our photo session in there (even in the very exclusive “rare room” which housed bottles of wine priced in the thousands…I was afraid to fire my flash for fear of a fine wine avalanche!).

Speaking of flash, my favorite assistant (dad) was with me and so that made it easy to incorporate some off-camera lighting into the session. Now you all know my love-hate relationship with artificial light, but I am slowly moving over to the dark side (or is it the light side?). I kinda like having control instead of letting my surroundings control how and where I shoot!

In an effort to be paparazzi-free for their nuptials, Natalie & Steve will be tying the knot on April 30th in Costa Rica – the day after the Royal Wedding! Enjoy the photos, and check out the video for more!

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