Mike & Dina’s Engagement Session

I love it when I am “gifted” to someone. You may remember Donna from her maternity session a few months ago, well her sister-in-law Dina recently got engaged and this engagement session was a gift to her and her fiance Mike! They are getting married in May in Colorado…and if I didn’t already have a wedding booked that day I’d stow away in their luggage. You know how much I love Colorado!

We met up in Medford Lakes this past weekend for their shoot. I immediately connected with these two – they are super sweet, crazy in love, and just really fun to be around. Mike’s daughter Meredith came along too, the three of them together might have been almost too much for my camera to handle…oh the beauty! I think Meredith needs to get to a modeling agency asap, how gorgeous is she? And she is only 12! Got me thinking back to when I was twelve…with my two-toned hair from too much Sun-In, clear plastic rimmed glasses, and stirrup pants…boy, was I a vision.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy, I included a few more than usual but I just had a really hard time picking my favorites!

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