Lucas – 5 days old!

My friends Mike and BriAnne just brought a beautiful baby boy named Lucas into the world. They wanted photos of him as little as possible so I was kind of “on call” for a photo session (photographic emergencies make me feel so important!).  How CUTE is he?  He was so good too, and he put up with me contorting his teeny little body into poses for the camera. Lucas’ cousin Brody was there as well…I could tell he already loves his little cousin so much, he was so sweet to him. Brody is only 3 but looks so big next to Lucas!

Mike and BriAnne – best of luck with your new baby boy, you are two wonderful people and I know you are going to be great parents!

P.S. I need to give Mike and Bri credit for the series of photos with their hands – I just LOVE those.

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  1. He is so beautiful!!! I love the pictures with Brody! Brody is so cute, too! Can’t wait to see Lucas in person! Love to all of you!

    Kim, Kay, Kaytie and Dave