KC & Donnie’s Engagement Session

I’ve had friends get married on 5-5-05 and 7-8-09…and this year I am shooting a wedding on 10-10-10! Not only are they cool dates, but now you husbands have no excuse for forgetting your anniversary!

KC and Donnie are my 10-10-10 couple. They both live in Northeastern PA so their engagement session this past weekend was actually the first time we met!  It was SO nice to finally meet these two after months of communicating over email and Facebook. They are super silly and it’s obvious they have tons of fun together and make each other laugh. I even had to include one of Donnie’s funny faces in this post because it’s just so them.

We went to Bushkill Falls for our shoot…I had no idea this sort of thing existed in Pennsylvania (need to get myself out of the city more).

To see more photos, check out the video here. Looking forward to the wedding in October in NEPA!

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