Heather’s Bridal Portrait Session

Heather and Lawrence got married last year on a cold, rainy day in February. Not ideal for bridal portraits! So over a year and a baby later (you’d never know it from the look of her, right?), Heather put her wedding dress back on, got herself all dolled up, and we did some fun shots on around Manhattan and Queens on a perfect spring day while Lawrence and little Graham had some quality father/son time!

Little known tidbit – Heather is the only person (immediate family members excluded) that I’ve known since birth. Literally. We were born a few days apart in the same hospital. I am pretty certain even back then she was making me laugh from just a few cribs away in the nursery.  
Now it was my turn to make HER laugh.  At my friend Jeff’s suggestion, I threw a banana at her.  Visit his blog for the photographic evidence – http://bananasurprise.blogspot.com/

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