Flashes of Hope

You’ve heard me mention Flashes of Hope before on here, but last week I finally had my first event at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. It was seriously one of the best experiences I’ve EVER had…but I have to admit, beforehand I was a little nervous.  You see, I LOVE kids, I love their laughter and innocence, their ability to bring so much joy to everyone around them, and I think every child is beautiful in his or her own way. I was afraid that these children would be different because of the experiences they’ve been through (some have dealt with pain that I cannot even begin to comprehend), and that it would upset me so much that I wouldn’t be able to do my job.

I was SO wrong.  These kids were…well…kids. They laugh and smile and play, make fun of their siblings, run around so fast I can’t catch them, and they bring joy to their families and to the staff at CHOP with their incredible personalities and strength. I learned a lot in that one afternoon at CHOP, in fact my time there went by way too fast.

Please visit the Flashes of Hope site at www.flashesofhope.org to see the wonderful things they do for these families and cancer research, and enjoy the following photos of my new friends!

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