Emma & Connor

One of the many things I love about fall: it’s warm enough that I don’t feel like my fingers are going to fall off, but it’s cool enough that I can chase around little kiddies and not break a sweat! I try to enjoy this time of year as much as possible because it always seems to be gone in a flash (um, yeah, this weekend the temps are not even going to reach 50! SERIOUSLY?). Also, no pun intended. Get it? Gone in a “flash”? I crack myself up with my incredibly lame photography humor.

I recently got to do a really fun shoot with Connor (age 2 1/2) and Emma (6 months) on a beautiful fall afternoon. ┬áConnor was kind enough to keep me entertained while Emma endured several wardrobe changes…both of them smiling and happy the WHOLE time.

I love it when babies have big bright eyes – if you look closely you can actually see my reflection in Emma’s eyes in some of the shots!

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