Doggies and Kitties!

My friend Karine has recently started fostering dogs and cats, so I volunteered to take some photos of them to help with the adoption process! Also, I know how attached Karine becomes to these cute, cuddly, and lovable little animals, so she needs to fill her house with pictures of them after they join their new families. šŸ™‚

Taking pictures of animals is a whole new challenge for me. I canā€™t bribe a dog with a lollipop or ask a cat to sing her favorite song for me. So what did we use to keep our models happy? Cheese for Lily (the white Jack Russell Terrier ) and Shadow (the black Terrier), and a bathrobe belt for Jasmine (aka Jazz the kitty).

KarineĀ fosters for Animal Care and Control (ACCT) which is part of the Pennsylvania SPCA. Both ACCT and the SPCA are at capacity right now, which means that they have no space to take in any new animals and they have to euthanize dogs and cats every day, so they desperately need more foster parents and people to adopt doggies and kitties. Visit this link to learn how you can help give these animals a loving home by fostering, adopting, or just helping out at the shelter!

Lily is Karineā€™s dog, and Shadow has already been adopted, but sweet little Jazz will be available for adoption very soon (it’s impossible to resist those eyes!). If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact me!

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  1. Awww these pictures are too precious. We had the pleasure of sitting with Karine at Gina’s shower but I didn’t know she fosters animals. I hope all these babies find good homes!!