Dining Out for Life at Nicholas Restaurant

Nicholas Restaurant in South Philly participated in Dining Out for Life this past Thursday. What a great event! A third of the profits from the night gets donated to ActionAIDS, so what better excuse is there to grab some vino and head over to Nicholas for some fantastic food? I took shots of the Nicks (the restaurant is owned by two of them – Matteo and Sweeney) working their magic in the kitchen, some photos of the restaurant, and of the delicious food! *yum* It was so much fun shooting the guys while they are in their element, totally relaxed, having fun, and loving what they do…definitely an inspiration to a new small business owner like myself!

A little secret on the kitchen shots – since restaurant kitchens are typically tight spaces and busy, those photos were taken from the closet where they store their dry goods! I was very happy in there with my spices, camera, and milk crate to stand on, thankyouverymuch. If you live in the Philly area, you must check out this little gem of a place, make a reservation because they book up!

P.S. I had the Arctic char for dinner, it was amazing and I am still thinking about it days later…so I guess I truly will “work for food”…

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