I guess I hadn’t quite had enough of the snow on the east coast…because a couple of weeks ago I went to Colorado to see more! I figured since cold and precipitation were following me around the country, I’d try my luck at Colorado where I actually WANTED snow.  My friend Michael and I planned a last minute long weekend at Breckenridge and Copper Mountains and hoped for lots of the white, powdery stuff. The Rockies didn’t disappoint – we got about 1.5 feet of snow in the first 2 days, perfect for skiing!

Because I don’t quite trust my skiing skills enough to lug my SLR onto the mountain, these were all taken with my Canon point-and-shoot. Be sure to check out the video I took from the lift at Copper, just love the HD video on this camera!

When the clouds finally cleared, this is what we saw. :) For the last 2 pictures, let’s play “Can you spot the difference?”  I think it’s pretty obvious…oh the things one can do with Photoshop!  If any of you are interested in how I did it, send me an email!