Cohen Family

So often, family photo sessions are focused on children…which of course I LOVE (even if they give me a workout – I’m looking at you toddlers!). My session with the Cohen family was a slight change of pace. Instead of getting together to mark a milestone in a child’s life, we were getting together to mark a milestone in Morton & Doris’ life. Are you ready for this?? 65 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!  Morton & Doris’ son and granddaughters (and their hubbies) live in OK and TX but came up to the Philly area over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate, and their granddaughter Danielle thought it would be nice to have a photo session!

Here are some highlights from our time together. How cute are Morton and Doris??  I had so much fun with this family and am so grateful that I was able to document a little snippet of time for them.

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