Christina & Kevin’s Wedding

I am so honored to have been a part of my friends Christina & Kevin’s wedding. The very intimate gathering (30 people) took place at Gayle restaurant. I think the wedding gods were on our side because although it poured all day that day, the rain subsided about 10 minutes before the outdoor ceremony began, and then started back up again just as the cocktail hour was wrapping up. Perfect!

From the dozens of red umbrellas, to the beautiful fall décor, to the photos of Kevin and Christina and their friends and families that graced the walls…Christina didn’t leave out any details and it just added so much personality to the event. They even wrote their own vows and yours truly was crying behind the camera (so professional!).

Christina and Kevin are both business owners (she’s a personal chef, he’s a personal trainer) and they used some fantastic local vendors for the wedding. A little shout out to everyone who made this event super lovely…

Venue: Gayle

Dress:  Darcy Law Couture

Shoes: South Philly Style Shoes

Veil: Christina’s sister Joanna!

Hair: Kurt at Salon Richochet

Florist: Michael at Pure Design

Music: Joe Arnold

Enjoy the photos below, and to check out the slide show (which I have been informed by Christina has “gone international”) click here!


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