Christina & Anthony’s Wedding

The anticipation of Christina and Anthony’s wedding felt like what it would feel like for my own wedding day (ah, someday!). I met with Christina and Anthony almost a year and a half before their wedding date. When they told me they were getting married at the Princeton University Chapel, I became giddy with excitement. My mind raced with thoughts of Christina’s grand entrance into the chapel, the beauty of the building, and then portraits against the ivy covered stone structures around Princeton‘s campus. And then that atrium at The Merion. It’s like picture-making heaven. OH WHEN WOULD IT GET HERE!?!

Sometimes that long of a wait is met with a little bit of disappointment…but oh no, NOT this day. It was simply beautiful. Spring had it’s way with Princeton’s campus and we were treated to those ivy covered walls I was so excited about…and Christina and Anthony’s happiness just spread throughout the day.

Here are some highlights from the day, if you’d like to see more check out the slide show. Special thanks to Debra Aiken for her amazing second shooting!

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