Christina & Anthony’s New York City Engagement Session

Last night I watched the season finale of Glee (which, by the way, was filled with so much cheese that I just might be lactose intolerant). Anyway, in the episode, the Glee kids go to New York City for a national competition, and it got me thinking about the big apple and how it’s portrayed in movies and TV shows. New York can be romantic (think When Harry Met Sally), action-packed (Spiderman), funny (The Muppets Take Manhattan- ha!), gritty (Taxi Driver), bittersweet (the final scene of The Way We Were), sexy (Sex and the City), enchanting (ummm…Enchanted). I probably wrote down a dozen more adjectives while watching Glee, partially because the episode didn’t really hold my attention (except for the Wicked duet!) and I knew I needed to write a blog post.

When I was photographing Christina and Anthony’s engagement session I was trying to capture the romantic New York. I hope I succeeded. :)

We spent a couple of hours roaming around Central Park and I saw parts of the park that I never knew existed. Did you know there is a castle in Central Park?? Well, there is. Believe it or not, Central Park was not the highlight of our session, we were lucky to have access to 620 Loft & Garden, which overlooks 5th Ave and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Aside from the people in the office buildings across the street, when do you have the chance to be eye level with that beautiful building!? This is a pretty exclusive space, so I can guarantee you Christina & Anthony are among the special few to have engagement photos taken there! Enjoy the photos below, for more, check out the slideshow!

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