Beth & Scott – June 4, 2011

Some things are just meant to be. Little did I know earlier this year when I went out to dinner at Pub & Kitchen that I’d walk out of there with a new wedding client! Beth is a server at the restaurant, and my friend Karine was admiring her engagement ring (see the gorgeous blingiddy bling below!). ┬áKarine asked if she had a wedding photographer (I seriously have the best friends, I don’t promote myself nearly as much as they do), and Beth said she didn’t, so Karine gave her my card (again, friends promoting me more than I do, I didn’t even have one on me, doh!).

Not only did they end up hiring me, but Beth and Scott turned out to be an all-out fantastic couple. I knew from the first conversation on the phone with them that this was going to be my kind of wedding – very personal and intimate, and full of feeling. Beth’s dad even sang a song during the ceremony. It was amazing!

Enjoy the photos! For more, check out the video.

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