Beach Sessions

When I was a kid, I hated the beach. What kid hates the beach? Me, that’s who. We would spend summer vacations in Wildwood, NJ, and we always had to stay somewhere with a pool because I was such a big baby about going to the beach. I hated the long walk (those of you who have been to Wildwood know what I mean), the sand sticking to me, not seeing all the way down to my feet in the water (if they could get me IN the water), and that I had to stay there all day long.  What a brat I was.

Flash forward to adulthood…and I LOVE it. What the heck was wrong with me?? It’s so nice to be away from the city, relaxing on the beach, drink and magazine in hand and not keeping track of time. Though I have to admit, I still do not LOVE being in the water and not seeing which marine creatures are about to bite my toes off…

I was down at the Jersey shore (no, not the one with Snooki and The Situation) a couple of weekends ago and scheduled some family portrait sessions in Cape May and Ocean City – yet another reason to love it. Next year I will definitely be dedicating more time to beach sessions…just another excuse to get down to the shore!

Here are some shots from the beach sessions – a few even ended up taking a dip!

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