Anna & Bence

Could it be that I don’t have any children’s portraits yet on my blog? That changes right now! Had a great time shooting brother and sister team Bence (1 year old) and Anna (3 years old) this weekend. We went down to the Azalea Gardens and Kelly Drive near the Philadelphia Museum of Art for some nice outdoor springtime photos! I was able to catch some unplanned family photos too!

On a nerdy side note, this was my first experience using Adobe Lightroom in post-production. Oh Lightroom, where have you been all of my photography life? If you are a photographer and are trigger happy with the shutter button like me, this program will shave off loads of time for you when editing photos. Go out and get it now!
Enjoy the photos, and yes, Anna’s big blue eyes are REAL!

2 Responses

  1. So impressive Suz!! Could your portfolio be growing any faster?! xo

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