Angela & Rob’s Wedding

Yikes – nearly a month since my last blog post!  It’s been a busy fall, SO MUCH to share. For now though, Angela and Rob’s beautiful wedding at the Merion Cricket Club!

Angela and Rob live in Maryland so we didn’t get a chance to meet until the day of the wedding, but I knew from our phone conversations that she was going to be my kind of bride – cool, calm, and collected. She didn’t disappoint. I guess the pressure and stress of your wedding day is small potatoes when you are a neonatologist. :)  It was an absolute pleasure to watch Angela and Rob throughout the day…they have a totally grown-up love and mutual respect for one another, it was a beautiful thing to witness.
The reception was held at the posh Merion Cricket Club. It was my first time shooting there and I am hoping for more opportunities – that place is gorgeous! They just renovated the ballroom and this was one of the first events to take place there. And there was a cricket match going on during the cocktail hour – how cool is that??
Enjoy the photos! To see more, check out the slideshow here.  Happy Turkey Day!

2 Responses

  1. Suzanne;

    Once again your body of work amazes me!! I can’t wait until you do my wedding in 2012!!

    Nicole L. Crawford