Alex & Dan’s Wedding


It seems like the last few posts have all started out with some sort of weather report…I’m not sure if the bad weather follows me around the country or maybe this global warming thing has just gone awry. Philadelphia just got its 3rd snowstorm of the season, and the second within a week. This is our snowiest winter on record, and so far, we have gotten more snow than Portland, ME and Buffalo, NY! Hey Vancouver, you need some snow? We’ve got plenty! And according to Punxsutawny Phil, we still have about 6 weeks of winter left!   

Enough with the weather report, today’s post is Alex and Dan’s wedding back in November at the Waterworks Restaurant. My role in this wedding was as a second shooter for Kathleen Ferry of Firefly Photography.  For anyone who doesn’t know, the job of the second shooter at a wedding is to serve as a back-up to the primary shooter (who is really focusing on the bride/groom and other VIPs), and then take pictures of everything else going on, take some artistic shots, etc. This was my first experience second shooting and I loved it! It was so great to work with another photographer and see how they manage the day.  


Some of the photos from this wedding were published in Brides Philadelphia magazine! If you happen to see it on a newsstand, pick it up and flip to the article on TableArt’s floral arrangements (page 262). To see more photos from the wedding, check out Firefly Photography’s blog.


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