A Snowy Holiday

As many of you east coasters know, Philadelphia got hit with a massive snowstorm last weekend – 2 feet of the powdery stuff! Now I know you are probably expecting to see some snow pictures, but this girl didn’t leave the house except to shovel (until of course that night when I got cabin fever and met some neighborhood friends for holiday libations!)…so instead I’ll show you what I did inside the house that day – baked cookies! The photos below are of my peppermint bark, Italian pizzelles, and chocolate chip cookies (some with leftover peppermint from the bark, I am so resourceful!).

As for the holiday libations, I believe there is a photo circulating on Facebook of me making a snow angel on 2nd Street. Good times.

This will most likely be my last post before the new year – I have lots of fun stuff planned and can’t wait to spend time with everyone I didn’t spend enough time with throughout the year. :)

Best wishes to all of you for an amazing holiday, and if you aren’t on my mailing list…well, you SHOULD be…but if not, click here┬áto view my holiday greeting, enjoy!

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