10 in 2010 Update and Pumpkin Soup!

Here we are in Q4 of 2010 and I thought it might be time for an update on my 10 in 2010 progress! I still have 2.5 months to go…getting down to the wire.

1. Run a 5K without stopping to walk. Ummm, yeah…well I did DO a 5K, I just didn’t run the whole thing. What I’ve discovered is that I hate running and that I pretty much cap out at 2 miles, then I all but pass out. Running’s not my thing. I’ll stick to pilates thankyouverymuch.

2. Shoot a destination wedding. One beach wedding down (Cape May, NJ), one more to go (Clearwater Beach, FL).  And how about that destination engagement session in Germany and Austria??

3. Try a new recipe at least once a month and blog about it. After those yummy stuffed peppers, I guess I felt like I couldn’t top myself…and plus I’ve been so busy I haven’t tried anything new. Boo for me. I am including one of my FAVORITE yummy-in-my-tummy recipes below though, so make that 3 for the year. Woohoo!

4. Travel to a country I’ve never visited. I overachieved on this one. I was afraid I wouldn’t accomplish it and then the opportunity came around to visit 3 countries that weren’t on my list before – Ireland, Germany and Austria. My beer gut thanks me. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to run more than 2 miles.

5. Upgrade to a full frame camera. Well I could have paid down my mortgage, or I could have bought a new camera. I went for the latter. My Nikon D700 and I have been happy together ever since.  Also, *camera nerd alert* a full frame and a crop sensor are a wicked combo. It’s like having 2 sets of lenses for the price of one.

6. Learn how to accessorize better. I STILL don’t own a belt, but my friends have been on my back about this one. I do have some new funky jewelry (thanks to my friends who buy stuff for me to make me more fashionable), and a few pairs of shoes that are NOT brown or black.

7. Make my office cozier. Ok, this has turned out to be a bigger project than expected. Instead of just reorganizing and hanging up some pictures (my original plan), I am now doing major construction by knocking down a wall and making my home office into an office/studio space. I am SUPER excited about it and am still trying to get it done before the end of the year!

8. Volunteer my photography services to a charitable cause. Flashes of Hope – best organization ever!! See my blog post here.

9. Further define my branding with stationary, packaging, and other Suzanne Tenuto Photography goodies. I have some new packaging for my client CDs, have some new gift ideas, and working on some other fun goodies!

10. Learn more about off-camera lighting/flash. *More camera nerd alert* Bouncing flash has changed the way I light reception photos – they have so much more depth now, and are, well, prettier! Before that I just used a diffuser, haven’t touched the thing since. Plus I am taking a lighting workshop next month…so I am on the road to not being scared of artificial light.

So I have 4 that are totally complete, 4 in progress, and 2…well, nice try.

Here’s the yummy pumpkin soup recipe I mentioned above – I wish I knew who to credit this to, but I found it years ago online and have been making it every fall ever since (and so have half the people I know – it’s THAT good!).

Curried Pumpkin Mushroom Soup

1/2 lb. mushrooms, sliced
1/2 lb. onions, chopped
2 Tbsp. butter
2 Tbsp. flour
1 tsp. curry powder
3 cups chicken broth
1, 16-oz. can pumpkin
1 tbsp. honey
1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg
1 cup half & half (mixture of whole milk and heavy cream)
1/4 teaspoon (or to taste) cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)
Salt & pepper to taste
1. Sauté mushrooms and onions in butter until tender. (or a mixture of a
small amount of butter for flavoring, and an equivalent amount of olive oil
to bring total amount of oil up to 2 tbsp.)
2. Stir in flour and curry until well incorporated to make a flour roux with
the mushrooms & onions. 

3. Gradually add chicken broth, mixing thoroughly with the roux.

4. Add honey, nutmeg, salt and pepper.

5. Bring to a gradual boil over medium heat until mixture starts to thicken.

6. Add pumpkin, mixing thoroughly, and continue to cook for 15 minutes.

7. Slowly add half and half and heat to mixture, but do not bring to boil.

8. Add salt and pepper to taste. Additional cayenne if desired.

Top with sour cream, croutons, and fresh parsley or chopped green onions.

Serves 6

3 Responses

  1. Omg I love your 10 in 2010 and think you have accomplished amazing things…also got to try that soup recipe!

  2. Better job than I did on my 2010 goals but I’m looking for a big year in 2011. What lighting website you going to?

    • I look at Strobist periodically…but I just got the Zack Arias DVDs so I am going to see where they get me!

      Putting your goals on your blog holds you more accountable than if you just post them on your bulletin board. 🙂